10 tips you can use to give engaging presentations

10 tips to give engaging presentation

At our agency The1stMovement, we make sure to share knowledge and expertise with each other during monthly “Brown Bag” presentations. These lunch-time presentations are one of our most popular company events. As CEO, I deliver over 100 presentations a year and for our latest brown bag, I shared “10 tips you can use to give […]

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4 Keys in delivering a digital product that works

Digital has changed everything, but yet, we still see some businesses and brands like Blockbuster, Kodak and others that were too married to their own way of thinking or too slow to adapt to the new reality. Digital demands new thinking and we believe the process of building enterprise-level solutions will need to adapt for […]

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Will the real Digital Agency please stand up!

Even today, digital agencies are still widely regarded as just another type of advertising agency operating in the world of marketing. But is that really the case? Are we really the same beast, born from the same mold – or is that just what traditional agencies luddites would have you believe? Most digital agencies were […]

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