My Digital Life – Interview with Digital Media Online Journal, Australia

In preparation of my speaking engagement on Feb 19th at the Fairfax Digital Media 2010 Commercial Media Summit in Sydney, I was interviewed by Digital-Media online, an online new media journal in Australia and talked about why I can’t ditch my Blackberry; why I think Paywall is a mistake and why I think Interruption marketing is still very much alive; and among other things

What was your first memory of the web?
It was 1994-95. I got my first computer and I believe it was still on a 28.8 kbps modem. I remember clicking on a link a friend sent me and the first thing I saw was the infamous animated “under construction” GIF brilliantly flashing in front of my eyes!  As ancient as it may seem now, that flashing animation forever changed how I looked at things digitally.

What is your favourite website that not enough people know about?
It would definitely have to be It’s a fairly new site revolving around a growing global community with the mission of finding cool items.  Everything from cool new product designs all the way down to subcultures and micro-trends can be found on this site.  I surf Picocool whenever I need a quick inspiration, or am in the mood of going on a “cool” gadget shopping spree.

Current mobile handset?
I have both the iphone and Blackberry.  I couldn’t live without all the iphone applications, but at the same time wasn’t ready to part with the physical keypad. In my opinion, the Blackberry still provides a more robust business email application.

Mac or PC? (and why)I would have to say PC, although my first computer was a MAC.  I’m going back and forth between the two, but ultimately I like to tear things apart and look under the hood and we all know how well Steve Jobs dislikes people doing that. :)

What social media platforms do you use and how? (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  They all serve different purposes for my “digital life”.  Facebook is for me to connect or reconnect with friends; Twitter is my personal mini-blog to rant about everything and anything; and LinkedIn has been great for me to keep in touch with business partners, clients and colleagues.

Google or Bing?
Google.  I love where Bing is going, but it will take more than a pretty UI to make me switch.

Paywalls for news – gifted or misguided?
Misguided. Sure, there’s always the argument that one would want to pay for professionally confirmed and verified news, but with the uprising of Twitter, Facebook, and all these social networks, I don’t see why this generation will pay for that when you get breaking news in almost real-time, for free. 

What do you think is the next big thing in 2010?
Mobile devices.  2010 will see a dramatic jump in mobile use as it has and will continue to grow beyond just a phone. It’s an always-on, always-connected machine that goes with you anywhere and anytime.  With Google Android phones and Apple iPhones going head to head this year, mobile developers will rejoice and consumers will benefit with new, exciting applications on-the-go, anywhere and anytime.

Do you think online display advertising ever catch up to search in the eyes of marketers?
Yes, if not already.  Search is constantly revolving, but remains to be only effective when consumers know and actively look for something.  As we march into this always-connected digital age, any digital devices could easily become an effective platform for marketers to display online advertising and proactively “sell” to potential consumers. 


Does branded content signal the death of interruption marketing?
Not at all.  On the contrary, I believe interruption marketing will flourish in 2010 where agencies and marketers will be looking for creative, unexpected ways to engage with potential consumers.  Branded content will still continue to thrive, but consumers are growing tired of being blatantly marketed to. And interruption marketing will still work, not by being loud and noisy, but by being different.
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Ming Chan

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