The only thing a C-Executive must do everyday

Looking Forward

(image by Jakub Polomski)

As I sat in my monthly Vistage meeting listening to renowned Vistage speaker, Dan Barnett, something dawned on me about the responsibility of a C-Executive.

There is one thing any C-Executive must do everyday – He/she must lead by looking forward.

There was a concept proposed by Dan Barnett called “Make or Break Execution” which he claims “The best leaders have both a clear vision and an eye for the operating detail that will make or break that vision”. And wihtin his workshop, he proposed numerous tactics a business leader should do to ensure the alignment and execution of the company’s vision, and amongst them is the idea of “forward facing dashboards”.

That concept, while might be obvious, also reveals a significant challenge in any business. Any C-Executive spends significant time reviewing data and reports (think P&L or director’s reports) but these reports are all compiled based on past data in history. By the time the reports gets to your desk, there is little time to react if any corrective action is required. While all these reports are important, the idea itself makes any C-Executive reactive and always looking at the rear-view mirror.

“A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others see.” — Leroy Eimes

Whether is using tools like “forward facing dashboards” or others, a C-Executive must envision the way, and instead of looking backwards, he/she must look forward to the possibility, everyday.


Ming Chan

As founded and CEO of The1stMovement, Ming was named as one of the "Top 10 Asian Entrepreneurs" by Inc. Magazine, and has led the agency to numerous accolades including 3-time Inc. 500 "Fastest Growing Private Companies in America", 3-time "Best Places to work in LA", and 5000% growth in 5 years with his passion for innovation and company culture. Follow @mingAtT1M

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