10 tips you can use to give engaging presentations

At our agency The1stMovement, we make sure to share knowledge and expertise with each other during monthly “Brown Bag” presentations. These lunch-time presentations are one of our most popular company events.

As CEO, I deliver over 100 presentations a year and for our latest brown bag, I shared “10 tips you can use to give engaging presentations” for the team.

My top 10 tips are:

  1. You are not the hero of your own story
  2.  Get in touch with your onstage persona
  3.  Create your own pre-game routine
  4.  Set the tone in the first 30 seconds
  5.  Great communication is honesty, passion and empathy
  6.  Identify the “What is” and inspire the “What could be”
  7.  Focus on 3 key points
  8.  Use slides very carefully
  9. The audience likes you
  10. Smile

Out of these top 10 tips, the one the resonate with the team the most “identify the ‘what is’ and inspire the ‘what could be’”, which is the basis of persuasive storytelling, a methodology illustrated by Nancy Duarte, a persuasion specialist. In her TED Talk, The secret structure of great talks, Duarte reveals what she has learned from analyzing some of the greatest speeches of all time, and they each follow this structure:

Persuasive Story Pattern


What about you, what’s the most engaging presentation you have ever seen? And did it follow the formula above?

Ming Chan

As founded and CEO of The1stMovement, Ming was named as one of the "Top 10 Asian Entrepreneurs" by Inc. Magazine, and has led the agency to numerous accolades including 3-time Inc. 500 "Fastest Growing Private Companies in America", 3-time "Best Places to work in LA", and 5000% growth in 5 years with his passion for innovation and company culture. Follow @mingAtT1M

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