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10 tips you can use to give engaging presentations

10 tips to give engaging presentation

At our agency The1stMovement, we make sure to share knowledge and expertise with each other during monthly “Brown Bag” presentations. These lunch-time presentations are one of our most popular company events. As CEO, I deliver over 100 presentations a year and for our latest brown bag, I shared “10 tips you can use to give […]

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Don’t focus on hiring A-players

Having A-players on your team can make or break your company. In fact, I would credit all the success we have as a company to our employees who are passionate, determined, results-oriented, and fun to be around. They are our top performers, leaders the rest of the team look up to, and they are our […]

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The only thing a C-Executive must do everyday

(image by Jakub Polomski) As I sat in my monthly Vistage meeting listening to renowned Vistage speaker, Dan Barnett, something dawned on me about the responsibility of a C-Executive. There is one thing any C-Executive must do everyday – He/she must lead by looking forward. There was a concept proposed by Dan Barnett called “Make […]

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