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Entrepreneurs: “Chase your ego!”

“An entrepreneur chases one of two things first: ego or money.” William Wang, founder and CEO of Vizio, once told me. When I started my company, I was chasing my ego, and I would not have done it any other way. Starting a company is a very selfish act. Some people start companies because they […]

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For Better Or Worse – The 4 Questions An Entrepreneur Must Ask

image from http://interactcreative.blogspot.com Running a business can feel like a roller coaster. There can be times when you feel invincible, that everything’s going your way, that you can do no wrong. But there can also be times when the world …

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How Did I Get Here? Imagine It!

A vision. A goal. A dream. How My Story Began. Imagine this: eight years ago I was bored, lost, and on the career track to nowhere. Today, Inc. Magazine recently named me one of the Top 10 Asian Entrepreneurs in 2010. Kind of a crazy transition, r…

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